I can help you change your relationship to the thoughts, emotions, behaviors and energies that create suffering.

Pleasure and pain are not optional. Suffering is.

Cultivating compassion for oneself and others begins with thoughts. This can be challenging if you are stuck in negative patterns. I can help you identify and reduce destructive and limiting thoughts that create suffering.


Challenging emotions can prevent us from fully engaging with the world. Through a relationship of trust, I can help you increase your sense of security and balance by embracing a full range of emotions as they happen.

Many of us see the roots of our behavior patterns and feel the need to change. However, some do not have the tools to transform. I can help you take positive action that will clear these habitual tendencies and move from your authentic self.

Life-affirming thoughts, emotions, and behaviors offer new possibilities for actualizing your unique potential, generativity, and connection. I can help you deepen and expand your sense of Self and increase your peace of mind by encouraging contact with the energy of the Eternal Presence within. By tending to this Presence, you begin to experience your Infinite Self, the Self that can hold life experiences with more ease.